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【Andri Pov】

I held my right hand that was about to get out of control.

I couldn’t believe this, we had become immortal beings. Unbelievable powers were rushing in my body as an extremely powerful aura overflowing from it. My muscles seemed like they were being re-forged. My feet felt so light. My hands felt so powerful. My six senses advanced drastically.

This was not astonishing.

This was because of our heart.

Our heart, the center of a bunch of organs that we called as body, had an incredible power. A power that was being dreamed by every living creatures. A power that would envy every human being who knows it. A super-fast regeneration ability which made our body back to its first instance regardless of how much it got injured.

This was also not astonishing.

This was because we were the five yearlings chosen by gods, destined to destroy the demon clan that was breaking apart the balance of the three worlds – Human world, demon’s hell, and the land of gods.

I, Andri Rusmana, the one who became the vessel of the Great Goddess Andromeda, was the only human who could kill the King of the devils, Lucif – Gah!

『WHACK!! 』


I rubbed my head.

Heni held her rolled math book tightly.

“Stop daydreaming will ya? Also, Andromeda and Lucifer are so not in tune!”

“Like hell I care. Miss Ina hasn’t come yet. It’s boring as shit. If only we didn’t get stuck in the blackout, I would’ve charged my phone already.”

I got up from my kneeling position and picked up the phone in my pocket. I knew it had already run out of battery, why did I pick it up.

Shit, if only I knew that we will get stuck in a blackout I would’ve charged it already.

“It doesn’t mean that you have to daydream and show off your weirdo positions in front of the class, right? You ruined our eyeshot!”

“What? What did you say? Daydreaming? It’s not daydreaming, Hen. It’s Chuunibyou! Chuunibyou demo, Koi ga shitai!”

I opened my invisible eye patch and yelled “Synapse Break!!” then showed off a cool position. The laugh ‘Huahahaha!!’ that I did afterwards made everything perfect.

“Emergency situation, this kid can’t be helped anymore. Mput, why were you just in silence? Help me tell him something!”

Putri smiled while sitting on her chair.

“What can I say? He has been like that since forever. Besides, it’s funny to see him doing those things. Right, Ris?”

Risti nodded without switching off her focus from her siomay that she was eating.


“Well, you’ve known him since you were in kindergarten. At least tell him to stop.”

“He wouldn’t listen to you, who are his girlfriend, who am I telling him things instead? Let’s just sit in sound, he’ll stop eventually”

“It is the truth. Thou should follow the words of the daughter of dove. Sit calm and watch my greatness!”

I leaned against the whiteboard, of course with one hand covering my left eye so the Black Dragon Eye in me won’t rise and create chaos in the human world.

“The daughter of dove?”

“Hmm … maybe he was referring to Hatoko. Hato (鳩) and Ko (子) can be translated as the daughter of dove … But why the hell you say that out of the blue?”

“Haven’t thou understood, O Kanzaki Tomoyo!?’


“Pay close attention to your surroundings! Read the situation properly, thus you should understand my aim”

Heni tilted her head, showing a confused expression. As expected, she could never read situations properly, but strangely she could follow every Chuuni talks with me.

Fumu, okay, I will show her my power so she could understand. I raised my right hand high into the air and screamed wholeheartedly.

“I am the almighty Andri Jurai!! Rise and burn, O the dark fire dragon that is asleep in my right hand, DARK AND DAAAAARRKK!!!”


『WHACK!! 』



The strings of events were ended with Putri who was raising her hand as if she was the jury of a Kendo match, and I was just defeated by Heni and her mathematic book.

“What the hell was that for!?”

I held my head spontaneously, it seemed like I felt a lump at my fingertip.

Shit, Heni hit the same spot twice. Moreover, how could mathematic book be that sturdy!? Is she Emiya Shirou!?

“We are the school’s Youth Red Cross, not some literature club with its member having some weirdo ability”

“What’s wrong with it? Our Youth Red Cross’ members are five which is the exact number; a boy, three girls, and a loli. Unfortunately we’re lacking of loli!”

“It’s just the number of our generation. Plus, why did Dede not counted?”

“Hah, Dede is not a loli, he isn’t noteworthy.”

“Who did you say isn’t noteworthy, kiddo!?”

Talk about the devil, he has shown up.

Dede pressed his fingertip and showed off a scornful expression while speaking cynically “Please, don’t make me a killer!”

Soon after that, he attacked me with his two hands extended. I held it mightily.

“What do you aim to do, you pesky Ghoul!!”

“How much is 1000 minus seven!? How much is 1000 minus seveennn!?”

“It squirted! Your spittle squirted!! Speak properly, your spittle squirteeeddd!!”

“Aah! Why do boys never be normal!?”

“The Youth Red Cross is always cheerful, isn’t it?”

A voice heard among our screams and laughs.

This voice...


Me, Heni, and Putri spoke all at once.

“Yes, it is me Haris.”

Haris showed off his one thousand watts smile.

Oh, no, it’s too dazzling. The smile from the most famous riajuu, it’s to dazzling for my eyes!!

“Haris, you haven’t gone home? What are you holding there?”

“Oh, this one? This is—“

Dede immediately removed his hand from mine to take the weird oval thing that was held by Haris.

“Don’t ya know? Look!”

He put the thing in his arm and bowed as if he was protecting it. Ah, that position—!

“Shin, this time I will get to pass you!!”

Hah! If that what you want, I will serve you wholeheartedly!

“Go forth, Eyeshield 21!!”





『WHACK!! 』

Finally, both of us toppled over Heni’s hand.

“Like the hell this is a rugby ball! Look, what kind of rugby ball needs electricity!?”

Heni picked the thing from Dede’s hand then she showed a white wire that was connected to it.

“It’s not Rugby! It’s American Football!”

“Like hell I care, dammit!”

“But, the only thing that has an oval shape, a rope in it, and also needs electricity isn’t it’s …”

I didn’t dare to continue, Heni stared at me ferociously.


『WHACK!! 』

White smoke puffed from Dede’s head, I was just thankful that I didn’t continue my words.


“What the-, why didn’t they censor Mput’s words!?”

“Kuhuhuhu. Haven’t you understood, Mori Summer?”

“Mori Sum—!?”

“It’s because of she—“

I pointed at Putri, Putri let out a small “fuee?”Sound from her mouth.

“—Didn’t understand the meaning of the word she has spoken! Tell me, what you will say for a Dog that has a style!?”

“Dog Style?”


『WHACK!! 』

“Don’t make other says weird things!”

I rubbed my head for the fourth time; the lump in my head had two extras then. Without thinking too much I continued my explanation.

“The concept of preventing the censorship is simple. Everything depends on the intention of the speech. If you met a bull that shat in the road, you could calmly said 「Bullshit!」. But, it’s a different thing if you cursed and said 「Bullsh*t! 」, they will take one word as a censorship of what we said”

“Like hell I care about the censorship things and such! So what is this actually about!?”

“It is a massage machine. I had one in my home. It will vibrate if it is connected to the electricity, the vibrate will cast out fatigue.”

Dede clapped his hands after listening to Haris’s normative explanation, as if he was saying “aha!” through his expression.

“I told ya, it’s a V*br*tor!!”


“But, who’s gonna use a Vi*ra*or with that size?”


“But take a closer look at it, isn’t it the way to tie a b**da*e?”



Heni, for your three in a row tsukkomi, otsukaresama.

Putri laughed innocently afterwards.

“It seems fun, I wanna join too”

“What the hell is fun in it, Mput!? The only thing you have to feel is a stress for getting around to those two idiots!” Heni panted in the end of her sentence. Her face got reddish like an apple; it was getting so cute to be seen. The reddish face glanced at me and said cynically “What the hell are you smiling at!?”

“Nothin’. But, if you know the way to tie a bonda*e, doesn’t it mean that you know the proper way to tie it? Plus, your words were censored. It means—“

“W, what!? Means what!?”

Her face was getting even more reddish, I really can’t get enough to seeing it.

“Hey, is the tip of it rusty?”

Dede suddenly shouted behind us. When we turned around, the wire of the giant V*brat*r had already plugged to the electric socket.

That shithead, what the hell was he doing!?

“Is something wrong, Dede?”

“Look, the wire doesn’t want to be unplugged. But if I pull it forcefully, I’m afraid it’ll be broken”

“Then why the hell did you plug it to the socket!? If it’s broken and inflicted a power failure what are ya gonna do!?”

“It’s okay. It won’t since its blackout now”

“That’s not the problem! Just unplug it right now! Ah shit, Mput, Andri, help me here!”

Heni looked angry. No, exactly she was anxious. That was just the way she showed her anxiety. I and Putri approached her.

“Alrighty alright. Everyone move aside, I wanna see it first”

I squatted to see the wire end of the massage machine closer, it was extremely rusty. How in the world did Dede plug the exceptionally rusty wire into the socket? That was clearly impossible.

“So how about it Andri? Can you unplug it?”

“If only I could reduce the rust, I might unplug it. We can use vinegar and salt, as what I remember they could get rid of rusts.”

“Vinegar and salt, isn’t it? Let me take it in the kitchen”

“Hold on”

I stopped Haris. If we use vinegar and salt, it might take a long time until the rust completely gone. It could become a danger if the electricity reverted while we were reducing the rusts.

“I think we should just unplug it together, I’m afraid the electricity will be reverted while we’re trying to reduce it”

“Isn’t it going to be broken if you do it that way?”

“I should just shake the end of it so it won’t be broken; you guys pull it as hard as you can”

They were silent, I was sure that they were anxious.

I had to give them more assurance.

“We can do it. So come on before the electricity reverted!”

“… Alrighty then; I’m gonna pull it with Haris, you girls back off. You guys are disturbing”

“I wanna help too—“

“Hen …”

I looked at her deeply, hoping that she would understand without being told.

We needed someone to pull us out of the electric current just in case it would reverted, and I was sure that pulling out a load of 120 kg that was electrified wasn’t an easy task. It was impossible for Risti and Putri to do it with only both of them.

Besides, I didn’t want them to get hurt if something happened.

But, it seemed like I was expecting too much. A slow girl like her wouldn’t understand unless she was being told.

I smiled.

“Ku ku ku. Your power is useless for us. Be gone!”


It was a silence.

Did I do it in a wrong time?

Shit. The atmosphere became so awkward.

“Whatever. C’mon Mput, let’s just watch them”

Finally, Heni decided to back off.

Well, the most important thing was she did what I wanted her to do.

I gripped the wire connection tightly while Haris and Dede were getting ready to hold the wire.

“Ready … pull it!”

I shook it as hard as I could as both of them pulled it out strongly.

“Hold on!”

They suddenly stopped. It was so close; just a little bit more of strength the plug would be broken. I held it even stronger.

“Let’s pull it away in one try; I’m afraid the plug will be broken. Once more, pull it out!”

They pulled it out again, I also shook it again.

“Pull it!”

It felt that it moved a little bit, we were making a progress.

“Pull it!”

A little bit more and this thing going to be really unplugged.


The class’ lamp turned on.

There was a loud explosion.

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